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We are sincere when we say that our job is to uncover and enhance your existing style. After all, a space means nothing if it’s not enjoyed.

colour on location is committed to listening to our clients, then helping them define and articulate their preferences when it comes to: texture, pattern, tone, colour, furniture, accessories and design, for example. These elements combine to make the space yours.

We listen, interpret what you say in design terms, then provide advice – ensuring that your desire becomes reality.

Whether it’s choosing decor for an interior, a paint palette for a building exterior, accessories for a photo shoot, positioning products in the most irresistible way possible, or creating a mood board inspired by global trends influencing Australian style, we keep your intention front and centre.

styling for photo shoots

  • arranging existing decor for optimal balance & composition
  • styling props & accessories
  • sourcing props & accessories (on request)
  • checking detail & making decor adjustments as necessary
  • providing setup & lighting support to photographers
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colour & interior styling

  • colour consulting
  • interior decoration & styling
  • lighting design
  • furniture selection
  • accent & accessory pieces
  • property styling for sale or open home
  • working with retailers, wholesalers & suppliers of home furnishings, flooring & lighting, window treatments, fabrics & soft furnishings